2 Toxic Disempowering Thoughts to Overcome

2 Toxic Disempowering Thoughts to Overcome

You are what you think you are! The thoughts that run through our minds can empower or disempower us. Toxic thoughts can stop you from discovering the true meaning of your life and the joy it holds. The roadmap to our success depends upon our mind’s GPS. Toxic thoughts can confuse us and take us on an incorrect path in life.

Here are two toxic thoughts you may encounter and a few tips to help create change within your mindset: 

  1. I am uglySeriously? Nothing can be far from the truth, and obviously, your mirror is very broken! Telling yourself that you are ugly can be one of the most toxic thoughts in your mind. Negative self-talk promotes low self-esteem, leading to a life filled with disappointments. Self-hate gives birth to a whole new set of challenges: eating disorders, substance abuse, mental health issues, and physical abuse. You must see your beauty! What you find as imperfect is what makes you unique! There is no one else who is like you! Ponder on that for a moment! Now celebrate! Understand that you are a gift to the world. Your very being is a source of inspiration and love. You are wanted and needed!
  2. I am nothing. Those that see themselves as nothing have nothingThis way of thinking may cause people to feel they hold no value and are not worthy of having the best life offers. You are worthy of peace, love, joy, happiness, success, and more! You will have greater and bigger things. You are Enough! You’re a unique person who has great value. Stop thinking and caring about what others are thinking about you! We often falsely assume that others don’t see our worth- causing our self-esteem to sink to a low level.

You were not born with Toxic thoughts! Our thoughts are formed over time and based on our life experiences. Who made you feel or told you that you were ugly? Who dismissed you in your life and made you feel as if you were nothing? Answering these questions will help you see that Toxic thoughts are easy to create and can often be hard to eliminate. I know from my own experiences that working to change your mindset is the key to overcoming a negative attitude.

Explore these Mindset Shift tips:

  1. Change your self-talk.  I Am Beautiful I Am Talented I Am Smart 
  2. Reboot your innate belief. What did your 8-year-old self believe about you? Please close your eyes and touch that thought and keep it!
  3. Challenge your limiting beliefs. Nearly everyone holds on to limiting beliefs that prevent them from realizing their dreams. It’s ok not to believe all the lies you’ve heard in your life about yourself! Ask yourself- What do I know for sure about ME? After all, no one knows you better than you. Right??
  4. Create new beliefs. I invite you to try something new like painting on canvas, knitting, or taking a dance class. Exploring new adventures in life allows you to see more to your greatness than you ever could have imagined. 

Deleting Toxic thoughts from your mind will be an ongoing process. Don’t be discouraged if you must hit the reset button more times than desired. Please know that switching your thoughts to more positive and uplifting ones will empower you. Meditating and writing the affirmations that apply to you will give your empowerment wings and help you overcome your worst Toxic thoughts. 

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Written by Jeannine Rivers