Women Helping Women – March 2022

Women Helping Women - March 2022

Each month we send out opportunities in our emails to help other women. We call this ‘Women Helping Women.’ Then, at the end of each month, we put all these opportunities into one blog post that is easy for you to reference.

Help Women in Ukraine

We are devastated and saddened by the war in Ukraine. It’s easy to feel powerless in situations like these, where people are suffering in such a profound way, but your actions can make a real difference.

We’ve done the research for you.

How to make sure your Ukraine donations make it to the people who need them:

  • Do not donate through cash, gift cards, or a wire transfer. These are all red flags for a scam.
  • Never donate on social media. Always click through to a website.
  • Tempted to give to a charity you’ve never heard of? Check them out first on CharityWatch or Charity Navigator.
  • Don’t know where to begin? Browse projects and nonprofits on Global Giving.
  • Great news from GoFundMe. The company is currently vetting all Ukraine-related fundraisers on its site. So if you see a GoFundMe raising money for Ukrainian refugees, it is likely a legitimate fundraiser.

Help Girls to Become Future Leaders

Want to help future generations of girls exercise the power of their voices? Check out the work of Girls Leadership.

Their Mission:

We teach girls to exercise the power of their voice through programs grounded in social emotional learning. We provide programs for girls, workshops for families, and professional development training for teachers, guidance counselors, and non-profit staff.

Girls Leadership centers gender and racial equity in our work to address the internal and external barriers to leadership development.

There are 25 million K-12th grade girls in the United States. If you combine the efforts of all national girl-serving organizations, they collectively are only reaching about three million, or about 12% of the country’s girls, leaving a staggering 22 million girls in the US without support. Girls Leadership’s bold goal is to close that gap.

Support Women and Girls

Our sister non-profit:

Women of Excellence, Women of Faith

The mission of Women of Excellence, Women of Faith is to provide education, inspiration, and support for 1,000,000+ women and girls every year, to help them excel in all areas of their lives (mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and in their relationships).