Using TV as a Platform for Change: Why Life Coaches Should Consider Television

For women business owners, especially those who are life coaches, there’s an underlying desire to effect meaningful change quickly throughout the world. To accomplish this while growing the business and increasing revenue, many coaches ask, “How can I amplify my influence?” “How can I rapidly impact and ignite lasting, meaningful change in the world?” The answer, surprisingly, is in the often-overlooked media platform of television.


Television: A Powerful Tool for Impactful Growth

Television has held significant sway in women’s daily lives worldwide for decades. And despite the surge of digital media through tablets, laptops, and phones, the average adult still devotes nearly four hours a day to television. That’s a substantial opportunity for life coaches to reach an engaged audience through TV, let alone the promotional, replay, and repurposing opportunities that television broadcasts offer.


According to a survey by ThinkBox, TV advertising generates 71% of total advertising profit at the highest efficiency and for the least risk. While these figures are related to advertising, they underline TV’s immense influence. Imagine leveraging that platform to spread the transformative message of life coaching with a weekly, hour-long show!


Overcoming the Social Media Challenge of Women Life Coaches 

For many life coaches, it can feel like you’re in a ‘coaching echo chamber’ when you get online. Social algorithms don’t usually introduce you to new audiences. Instead, they regurgitate the same people and peers to your feed. Television presents an avenue to overcome these challenges, expanding your reach and making your message accessible to a diverse and global audience who may be looking for exactly what you have to say. 


Four Additional Reasons Why TV Is An Ideal Platform for Life Coaches 

  1. Magnifying Impact and Influence. If you aspire to change lives, television can be a tool to amplify your impact dramatically. A television show as a weekly feature on the Win Win Women Network offers a chance to instigate change on a grand scale. It allows you to share compelling personal growth and resilience narratives that can motivate millions.
  2. Engaging with New Audiences. A television show opens the doors to new audiences, potential clients, and peer-to-peer collaboration. By engaging viewers through interactive segments and interviewing industry leaders on your Show, you can build connections that extend beyond the screen. This exposure enhances brand visibility and diversifies your coaching practice with fresh insights.
  3. Demystifying Life Coaching. Life coaching, though growing in popularity, needs to be better understood and utilized. A presence on television can help you clarify these misconceptions and reveal the value of life coaching while presenting yourself as an authority in your niche. It allows you to highlight its practical utility in personal development, making it more relatable and accessible to audiences worldwide.
  4. Creating a Legacy of Empowerment. Television offers a platform to create a lasting legacy. Every episode, every appearance adds to a body of work that continues to inspire long after the broadcast ends — especially with your content housed on, where it’s available on-demand and search-engine-optimized to reach non-tv audiences as well.

Harnessing the Power of Win Win Women TV Platforms

At Win Win Women, we believe in the potential of television to transform your coaching practice, expand your impact, and grow your influence. Our platforms, including on-demand shows on and live interactive shows on AppleTV, AmazonFire, and Roku, provide an incredible opportunity to connect with a global audience. Our viewers enjoy the flexibility of viewing the content at their convenience and having the unique opportunity to engage with our expert Show Hosts in real time during live broadcasts.


These platforms can position you in front of an engaged, global audience who are seeking guidance, inspiration, and empowerment. By hosting a show on the Win Win Women Network, you can reach viewers who are actively searching for ways to improve their personal and professional lives.


Embracing Television to Create Broader Impact

Television can be a powerful change agent, extending your influence and reach. As women life coaches, using this medium provides an unprecedented opportunity to inspire and touch countless lives. 


We invite you to leverage the power of our Win Win Women platforms to elevate your coaching practice, rapidly create lasting change, and grow your impact across the globe. Apply today, because the world needs your voice to inspire positivity, resilience, and personal growth.