Friday’s Daily WIN WIN

"Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor. "

Today we’re thrilled to showcase a few of our experts (Show Hosts) on the Win Win Women Network who educate, elevate and empower women just like you across the globe. On their weekly interactive video shows, our experts talk with their audiences about energy psychology, entrepreneurship and creativity, aging gracefully, creating confidence, and much more. There’s something for everyone – every day!
  • Cynthia Higgins helps you apply Energy Psychology exercises to break patterns of disappointment and transform your world.
  • Lesley Nase helps you to explore your connections to the world around you. Come with a curious mind and willingness to open your heart to new ways of being. 
  • Blaney Teal shares tools that business owners and solopreneurs can use in their businesses to help them save time and money without breaking the budget.

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There’s so much more to see every Friday! 

  • Patty Stepler will guide you through everything you need to know to become a high demand, booked consultant or coach in the ‘helping people’ industry. 
  • Amber Peterson shares simple and effective strategies to help you create confidence with your money. 
  • Jean Barr talks to women who want to turn back the clock and deal with aging – the natural way. 
  • Rozanne Marsh empowers possibilities with her experiential Show which mixes encouragement, fresh perspectives, a little bit of science, a dash of behavioral psychology, all designed to help you level up and transform. 

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Tune in today with our global community that celebrates the power of women, the beauty of diversity, and the strength of unity. Don’t miss out on the wonderful world of Win Win Women – where every show is a Daily WIN WIN!