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Share Your Message with Millions 

And Make Money 5 Ways Doing What You Love

You’re invited to host your own 60-minute Show and to speak at international events on a NEW Multi-Media Network – WIN WIN Women.

We’re giving experts - like you - 8 Global Platforms to expand their reach, influence, and business.

Our Founder has received awards from 3 Presidents of the United States for her global work with women. She’ll briefly tell you more...

Are you ready to teach and talk with women worldwide?

Together we can help billions of women achieve a level of excellence in every area of their lives so they can be more joyful, fulfilled, and financially secure. This is our commitment and mission.

We promise to help you every step of the way and give you exactly what you need to succeed as a global influencer, Show Host, speaker, and highly-successful business owner. 

Amplify your message and extend your reach. How?

Host Your Own Show and Conversation on Our Website/App

You can reach, teach, and talk with women worldwide LIVE every week and be seen as an international expert in your field.

$6,000+/year Value

Host Your Own Television Show on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV

When you’re ready qualified Shows will be seen on TV (for no extra fee!), so you can influence millions. Others charge 10x more for this amazing opportunity!

Up to $10,000/year Value

       Speak at Event Worldwide

Receive national/international exposure and acclaim so you can expand your market and sales.

$5,000+ Value

Make Money 5 Ways!

Enjoy financial abundance doing what you love. See the list below :)


Use Your Recorded Show Anywhere You'd Like

 Re-purpose on your website, YouTube Channel, as content for a book, etc.

$3,000 Value

Receive Proven Templates

Use these valuable, proven templates to save time andbe a more excellent mentor, speaker, Show Host, and Event Host.

$3,500 Value

Post Your Products and Services in WIN WIN Store 

Your products and services will be sold in the Store without any effort from you.

$2,500 Value

Receive Cutting-edge Training in our Speaker and Business Development School

Access and attend trainings to improve your skills and make more money.

$10,000+/year Value

     Receive Abundant Support!

We train, answer questions, and update you on two weekly calls. And we give you unlimited tech support, so you never have to worry!

$2,000/year Value

Raise Your Credibility, Authority, and Influence

Expand your market globally. 


Total Value Per Year - $42,000

The marketing and promotional opportunities alone are worth thousands of dollars a month! 

We’re spending $$$ to attract your audience and bring women to YOU.


You Pay Only $2,497 +  $497 Annual Renewal

Apply to Become a Show Host

And what’s more, there are 5 WAYS YOU CAN EARN MONEY!

Start as big or as small as you like. But every Show Host has the same opportunities to make money 5 ways. You can…

Sell From Your Show

Sell to your audiences live from your Show.

Send Your Audience to Your Website

Send your audiences to your website to buy.

Sell in the WIN WIN Store

Put your products and services in our WIN WIN Store.

Sell at Events

Offer your products at WIN WIN events where you speak.

Become a WIN WIN Women Affiliate

Earn thousands a month as a WIN WIN Women Affiliate.

“I didn’t think I was ready because I had no website, no product, no brand - nothing except my desire to share the life lessons I’ve learned and the belief that I could help other women. Now, I confidently host my own weekly Show, I’m writing my book, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life! (The WIN WIN Women team helped me, just like they promised.)”

-Jeannine Rivers, Show Host

“My first reaction to being a Show Host was, ‘I’d love to do this, but I just don't have time! I'm way too busy!’ Back then, I was a podcaster, and like so many podcasters, I wanted to share my messages on video, but I didn't want an audience to see me. Now, I'm completely comfortable hosting my video Show and live conversations with my audience - it's the HIGHLIGHT of my week – I really love it!”

-Sam Rafoss, Show Host

“As soon as I heard about WIN WIN Women, I wanted to be a Show Host! Although I didn’t have the money right then, I scheduled a call and happily learned they have a payment plan! Becoming a Show Host is the best thing that’s ever happened to my business – now it’s BOOMING!!”

-Marina Valdespino, Show Host

Your Time is NOW

You must apply to become a Show Host and be accepted. Because allWIN WIN Women  Show Hosts receive so much, we must know you are qualified, ready, and willing to share your message with millions of women.

Apply to Become a Show Host

PRAISE from Show Hosts…

“This community has been a blessing meeting with such impressive, intelligent and heart centered individuals that want to empower women worldwide. Such a unique and powerful opportunity to serve for a higher purpose of wellness & self-love.’’ -Marie Kabis

"Win Win Women is not just a global network for women, it’s a source of inspiration, empowerment, kindness and care. I decided to join this organization without a clear understanding of what it was all about and I am so glad I trusted my intuition. I have been so impressed with the professionalism, dedication, and support offered and am excited to be part of this community. We are women supporting women to be the best we can be.” -Joanna Klein

"What a JOY and privilege it’s been to join with Win Win Women in a growing sisterhood of women around the world sharing their messages of information, inspiration and support. With Paula Fellingham as our leader and example, the community she’s created truly lives up to her standards for creating a culture of “loving kindness” where all women can gather to learn and to thrive!” -Patti Talbot

"I love being a Show Host for Win Win Women! It’s always a highlight of my week to teach and share but more importantly to care, connect, and collaborate with the women that are tuning in. There’s something magical that happens when like-minded women gather and are unified in purpose and mission.” -Stacy Harmer



What are the benefits?

There are significant benefits for WIN WIN Women Show Hosts, including the opportunity to open new and exciting streams of income for yourself and your business….and so much more!

Being seen and heard as a Show Host and speaker on virtual and live stages will connect you to people worldwide with whom you can collaborate. You will expand your reach and increase credibility internationally.

Is there a fee to have my Show?

Currently, you are invited to take advantage of our special promotional pricing celebrating our full launch. Getting started is only $2,497, with an annual renewal of just $497. (If you research this opportunity, you’ll see that others in our space charge up to 10X that amount!) There is no guarantee as to how long this pricing will be in effect, but we can guarantee the cost will go up.

Is there help with marketing?

We give you many messages to post on social media/email (you can simply cut-and-paste or create your own). And WIN WIN Women is constantly promoting our Show Hosts! Our Director of Marketing, Social Media Team, and P.R. Agents are always working to spotlight our Show Hosts and grow our audiences worldwide.

How will I be supported?

You will never, ever be alone. Support is always just a call, text, or email away! Our Show Hosts are also willing to help and collaborate with you; we’re women helping women.

We proudly offer two special calls every week that you are welcome to join LIVE. All Show Host Training and Support calls are recorded and sent out so you can always keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting at WIN WIN Women by listening to the recordings at the most convenient time for you

What's the next step?

Your next step is to complete the application to become a Show Host and determine the best time slot to host your weekly Show. If you have questions, we’re here to provide the answers on calls you can schedule any time!

Submit Your Question

Being Invited to Take One of the Limited WIN WIN Women Show Host Positions is a Huge Honor 

WIN WIN Women has been in development for almost a decade and now it’s time to share it - and YOU - with the world!  

Still have questions? That’s okay!

Apply to be a Show Host, and we’ll set up a free call to go over every step with you. No charge, no risk, just a fantastic opportunity!

Apply to Become a Show Host

PP.S. If you are not ready to move forward, but you think that you might be ready in the future, please let us know ASAP because we have a waiting list of experts excited to accept this invitation. Email[email protected] to get on the list.