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It’s Time to Know the Truth About Wealth

WEALTH IS ALL ABOUT VALUE Any financial advisor worth her salt will try to rein in your spending. Stop wasting money on that daily Frappuccino, she will say. Put 10% of your income into a retirement account and overpay your mortgage. Ebenezer Scrooge did all that and more, only to wake up one December night to

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business & mentorship

Collaboration: The Model That Works in the 21st Century

To best address our growing social, political, and economic problems, I believe humanity needs to incorporate the Collaboration Model in the 21st Century, rather than continue with the age-old Dominance Model, if we are to move away from poverty and war and toward prosperity and peace. The Collaboration Model has as its highest priority the caring

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coaching & mentoring

Nowhere To Go

A few days ago I’ve come across a post by a woman asking for help. Actually, it wasn’t for her but a friend who lived in an abusive relationship and didn’t know how to get out of it. The note somewhat reminded me a story of mine, when my then husband repetitively confused me for

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health & well-being

Making Space for YOU in your life!

What we really mean when we say “create space for self-care”, is find time in our lives for taking care of ourselves. But let’s take a moment and think about the actual space in our homes? What if the way we set up our homes encouraged us to take more time for ourselves? Think about

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personal growth

On Self-Transformation: How to Unplug the Power of Toxic Personalities

On Self-Transformation: How to Unplug the Power of Toxic Personalities Let’s talk about the “human porcupines” in our lives. These are people with toxic personalities who challenge us on many fronts. Some are co-workers; some are relatives. How do you deal with these folks? First, let’s define their common characteristics. They: Are critical, judgmental. Have

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