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What is WIN WIN Women?

We are a multi-media global women’s network to reach, teach and talk with billions of women and girls worldwide. Our caring experts (Show Hosts) connect with women worldwide - on television apps and our website - as they share their expertise, and provide information that guides women to find solutions in every area of their lives, personally and professionally.

If I’m already a Show Host, how does the Show eligibility apply to me?

You will be able to give a Show Chip to another person that applies. A person that is not able to purchase can receive your Show Chip. You will be involved in the selection process.

If I’m not ready to do a Show yet, can I still sign up and use it when I am

Yes, just email [email protected] when you’re ready.

If I apply for a Show and I’m not qualified yet for live appearances, what happens?

We provide training to get you ready and will have access to our Speaker & Business Development School.

If I buy more than 1 share, do I get a Show Host Chip per share?

You receive a Show Host Sponsor Chip per purchase, so if you do $5,000 for 5 shares - that is 1 Chip. If you do 3 purchases of 1 share at $2,497 at different times - that is 3 Chips.

When will payouts begin?

Payouts will begin when the funding reaches 50% of its target, every quarter, based on new income generated from that point moving forward.

How many shares can I buy?

You can buy as many shares as you want, as often as you want - up to the REMAINING shares from the original 1,000.

Can I refer this to my friends or other people who would be interested?

Yes you can. In fact when you do, there is a referral fee possibility if they proceed and participate. We know you would have referred it anyway, but we are always about a WIN WIN.

I already bought a Show Host spot for $2497 - Can this be applied for an equity share?

Unless you purchased your Show Host position while the Community Fund Campaign was running - it cannot be converted to a share account. This is a brand new offer. You are welcome to participate at any equity at this time.

Am I able to transfer my shares either voluntarily or as a result of death?

Yes, as per the Agreement. Your shares are transferable as a full unit - you cannot break apart and distribute individual shares. However, you can transfer the entire purchase either while alive or in the case of death; you can stipulate this in your will. If you purchased separate shares, not as a cumulative unit, those are transferable individually.

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