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Receive national/international exposure and acclaim on live stages so you can expand your market and sales. $5,000+ value

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Use these valuable, proven templates to save time and to be a more excellent mentor, speaker, Show Host, and Event Host. $3,500 value

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Grow your business by selling your products live during your Show. 


Build credibility by offering solutions on your Show. Send motivated traffic to your website to purchase your products.


Sell at WIN WIN Women regional, national, and international events.


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Get everything you need to drive people to your Show and grow your audience with Business Accelerator. (optional) 

This community has been a blessing meeting with such impressive, intelligent and heart centered individuals that want to empower women worldwide. Such a unique and powerful opportunity to serve for a higher purpose of wellness & self-love.

Marie Kabis

Win Win Women is not just a global network for women, it’s a source of inspiration, empowerment, kindness and care. I decided to join this organization without a clear understanding of what it was all about and I am so glad I trusted my intuition. I have been so impressed with the professionalism, dedication, and support offered and am excited to be part of this community. We are women supporting women to be the best we can be.

Joanna Klein

What a JOY and privilege it’s been to join with Win Win Women in a growing sisterhood of women around the world sharing their messages of information, inspiration and support. With Paula Fellingham as our leader and example, the community she’s created truly lives up to her standards for creating a culture of “loving kindness” where all women can gather to learn and to thrive!

Patti Talbot

I love being a Show Host on the Win Win Women network! It’s always a highlight of my week to teach and share but more importantly to care, connect, and collaborate with the women that are tuning in. There’s something magical that happens when like-minded women gather and are unified in purpose and mission.

Stacy Harmer

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Common Questions

How much time will it take to be a Win Win Women Host?
Your Show is one hour each week – 15 to 30 minute presentation; 30 minute conversation with your audience.

What will it cost to be a Show Host?
The cost is $1,997 for onboarding, training, etc. and then $97/month for continuous support, marketing, and much more. You are paying for the opportunity to have a weekly live interactive video show, a television show on ROKU, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV, to speak on local, national, and international stages, and to be part of a global community and to be highlighted as an expert in your field on the #1 live-streaming network for women in the world.

How much traffic do you get? (I’ve never heard of WWW) 
We are the #1 live-streaming network for women in the world. Win Win Women launched in 2022. We are growing rapidly; currently we have 30,000+ show pages viewed every month.

I’m not technical – will somebody help me do the tech part?
YES! You will receive fast, cheerful service any time you need technical support.

How is being a Show Host different than being a podcaster? (I already have a podcast.)
Unlike podcasters, you will be the expert on your own live, interactive video Show. Women in your audience can talk with you in real time. Also, your Win Win Women video Show can be seen on ROKU, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV stations. Additionally, as a Win Win Women Show Host you’ll be able to speak on national and international stages as part of a global community of women who educate, elevate, and empower other women, worldwide.

How does the Affiliate Program work?
You’ll receive a $750 payout for every referral who buys a Show Host position through your affiliate link.

You Can Become a Win Win Show Host

for only $1,997

Act now! 

We Believe in You!

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