It’s About Where You Could Be

It's About Where You Could Be

Ladies, have you ever found yourself in a situation where your health and fitness levels, or lack thereof, smacked you in the face? Maybe you were trying on that beautiful dress only to find it was far too snug. Or perhaps a big event is coming up where you’ll be required to dress up, but have nothing to wear? In addition, perhaps you have a family or friends with whom you want to spend many years with, laughing and getting old.

Whatever the case may be, it can be a struggle, and there will be inevitable obstacles along the way. Although hardships are a necessary evil in life, your past does not define you as a woman. Instead, it molds you into a woman who is fierce, powerful, and fearless, capable of taking on anything.

Leave Your Past at the Door

The biggest obstacle that prevents us from becoming the woman we envision in our mind is, without a doubt, our necessity to cling to the past. Ask yourself this: How many conversations with your girlfriends revolve around an event or situation that happened years ago? In spite of their triviality, these discussions hold a powerful grip on our psyches and handicap our progress. To put it bluntly, let that shit go!

If you see something posted on social media from the past, let it go. Don’t get jealous of your friends posting a picture of a vacation or other exciting activity. These posts can be misleading of what is going on. Live your life the way you want to and the way that will make you happy. It’s about the maintenance of homeostasis and the removal of withdrawal symptoms that may come from seeing those posts. These are essential in leaving your past at the door and moving forward.

Every second offers the chance to improve your overall well-being. Improving your health does not take years of dedication and mental strength — it takes seconds. When a woman makes up her mind, enough is enough! Stop dabbling in self-improvement and dive in headfirst. Although taking a plunge into the deep end is often intimidating and nerve-wracking, it’s essential.

Get a Support Group

For real, tangible change to occur in your lifestyle, you’ll need the help and support of those around you. Find a group of friends that will join the journey of becoming fit with you. When you find yourself falling weak and giving into temptation, they’ll be there to save you. Trainers and other health experts have long known about the power of working in numbers and its positive influence on weight loss and exercise. They’ve revealed that not only does having a partner help in fitness endeavors; they actively encourage it!

Written by Cassandra Schmigotzki, original post here