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3 Things To Do To Maximize Your Time

Do you ever wish that you had more hours in a day to get everything done? Quit rubbing that lamp – you don’t need magic to start making the impossible happen!

Here are 3 things you should be doing to maximize your time:

1. Plan at the beginning of every day

The power of planning is unmatched when it comes to managing your time wisely, and if you’re taking 15-20 minutes at the beginning of every day to carefully plan out your schedule, you’ll be able to do twice as much as you could before.

Some people prefer looser timing (having large time slots where a number of things are accomplished, like 1 PM – 3:00 PM), but others prefer planning their time down to the minute. Experiment and decide which works best for you. No matter what style you take, you’ll be amazingly efficient if you have an overview of your day set before you even start.

2. Put the big things first and then let the smaller things settle in between

If you plan the big stuff first and then plan the smaller, less important tasks around them, you’re most assuredly going to get things done and in record time. If you have a massive presentation due by the end of the day plus some phone calls to make, plan first to do the presentation. You’ll have an unparalleled focus that will speed up the process of your presentation preparation, and you’ll then have ample time to complete the phone calls and maybe even more than that afterwards!

3. Write things down and set a deadline

A plan is not a plan until you write it down. Studies have shown that people who are able to see a list of things to do are more able to complete things and do them in a timely fashion. Besides – it’s pretty nice to be able to start seeing lines through completed tasks, especially when your lists is as long as your arm!

Deadlines are also very important! Whether you are provided with one or you create one for yourself, that competition with the clock tends to crank up your level of determination and focus. You’ll be performing to your best ability when you set and follow deadlines for your tasks and goals, guaranteed.