Life Is Yours To WIN

Life Is Yours To WIN

If you want your life to progress, you have to expand your relationship with life. It is like a friendship or a love affair. The interaction is important, for it generates emotions, the fuel that enables you, not only to carry on but to improve. 

Living is an elevated and conscious state of existence.

During their lifetime, earthlings initially collect data on their journey. The more they are involved in the search for the unknown the stronger the foundation will become. This mass of information will act as a hook for keywords entering the conscious and used to unlock certain files in the vast knowledge they carry in the subconscious. In AKIA philosophy, this act is called the Building the Bridge between the Conscious and the Subconscious. 

Favorably, this exercise should be conducted under the supervision of a professional for subconscious knowledge comes from the universe and the conscious should be ready to welcome it. The key to the success of this exercise is the understanding that the data which does not fit into the thought forms of the earthling, could damage the existing files in the mind. 

As an example: you have never heard about the 2 spirit guides that are assigned to each earthling. One day, when your thoughts are exceptionally organized and your mind is open, you suddenly feel 2 beings standing next to you. Without prior information you will freak out and probably close your mind forever. Sadly, it will be the end of your evolutionary journey. However, if you have the required information as a foundation then you might be shocked to feel the energies but allow yourself to settle and embrace the new experience. By welcoming your guides you will have a straight channel between the micro and macrocosm for communication purposes. As I mentioned earlier, professional guidance is a must if you want to stay safe and keep your thoughts clear of contradictory and confusing information. Clarity is important so do not shy away from asking questions.      

Let us walk through the levels of an evolutionary path.  

As the first step, we need to establish that the universe is a matrix. It is logical, for otherwise, it would fall apart. It means that a vast web of interrelated existences create a pretty neat structure of organic energies. When I say organic energy, I mean a living substance. I wouldn’t connect intelligence to it because it is one of those expressions that carry a different meaning for everybody.

The level of emotional and mental state of an earthling is measured by the blend of the four basic elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire – within.

For earthlings, it is given that they are the most intelligent on the planet. However, I beg to differ. Vegetation possesses the laurel for being a perfect link between the micro and the macrocosm, and the most conscious part of the earthly cycle. It is naïve to imagine that vegetables cannot think, hold a conversation or feel. Just because they do not wiggle their tails, they know exactly what goes on around them. 

Although not the most intelligent, human beings are presented with the possibility to reach a unique evolutionary level if they choose to pursue it. They are a blend of a soul, coming from the macrocosm, and a physical body from the top of the evolutionary ladder. The soul and the body represent the two poles within. 

In general, for a soul to come down to Earth is a choice. Therefore, turning away from earthly life is not an option. Hiding behind dogmas and excuses, spares the self from hurt, disappointment, and sorrow. However, it is also an existence without the wonderful experiences of events. 

Living in the physical body, yet putting its everyday maintenance on the shoulders of fellow earthlings, is another non-option deed. These beings usually use the most common blackmailing system, the raising of guilt in the uncertain and undecided minds. They might even say what they do is a sacrifice and that it is done for the benefit of others, sometimes even the whole of mankind. Do not be fooled! It is a selfish act, to serve the ego by seemingly becoming egoless. 

I am referring to certain religious groups where collecting donations and begging on the street are part of everyday existence to maintain their idle, unproductive lives. It is easy to say that I do not agree with capitalism, I do not like the money centered society and so on. If you don’t like it, do something about it. Lifestyles and societies do not spring from the ground by themselves. The seed was sown and the land was cultivated. You are part of it, and as a human being, you share the responsibility with others. It strikes me, how easily earthlings are manipulated and how little they think. 

Not succumbing to consumerism personally but living on someone, who might not have this convenient choice, doesn’t make you a better person, only a parasite. It is true within family connections also. These earthlings are stuck in Air element without understanding Water and Earth. It is an unfortunate situation for by not comprehending these two, the path to Fire is concealed. The only way is backwards. However, there is a way.

On the other end of the pole, there are those who are fully committed to consumerism and the material. They only believe in what they see – which is obviously very limited – build their material wealth, indulge the physical body and go through their chosen experiences in life. This group of earthlings is connected to the Earth element. Sometimes they hit Water and very seldom arrive at the level of Air. Fire avoids this group also. 

Every human interaction and relationship is based upon the evolutionary state of the self. In interrelations, individuals should learn from each other through unconditional trust and love. This type of love is helpful and emotionless; the secret of which is to understand the fact that earthlings perform 100% of their abilities at every given time. It is only expectation that belittles the performance.

The understanding of the four basic elements mirrors the evolutionary level: 

  • EARTH teaches attachments and detachments concerning material. Without understanding both ends, one becomes the slave to money and tangible goods that prevents any kind of evolving. One might reach the six figures in monthly, even daily income, become the wizard of the stock market, would be able to buy material, take the physical body to another level but conscious living would elude these people. The believers of the material world – meaning, what I see is there – are in this category. 
  • WATER opens up emotions, and presents the possibility of understanding and conquering them. Without this kind of knowledge, these people become self-centered and victims of their limited choices. People with strong religious convictions belong here. 
  • AIR is the pathway between the 2 cosms, the Micro and the Macro. It is a floating existence between two planes where the only possible way out is a U-turn. Gurus and Yogis are part of this group. 
  • FIRE comes from the universe. It is Knowledge, Light, and Wisdom. Depending on your state of mind, this element burns or builds. The lack of experience and understanding would result in burning, while Knowledge, based on a solid foundation would prove building. 

The latter can only be achieved by following, The 4th Way. 

This path starts from understanding the attachment to the planet, the need of providing for the body as the temple, ties to possessions and other organic energies such as thoughts, people and animal. It continues with allowing emotions to flow while learning to control them. Arriving at the next level will enable the usage of keywords to open files in the subconscious and connect with the Wisdom within.   

If you wish to know more about the subject, please check out my book with a similar title. It provides you with explanations and exercises built from foundation level.

Better still, enroll in The Complete Awareness Mindset Formula Premium Course to take you through the process of understanding human interactions and emotions. Please find it at the above link.

The explanation above shows that you cannot run without knowing how to walk. Look at a lifetime: a toddler runs before walking. He does it by instinct. And because it is physically easier for him. Nevertheless, he has to learn to walk in order to run consciously. A teenager runs up on stairs skipping 2-3 because he subconsciously believes that he created the universe. He doesn’t pay attention to the bone structure and the proper way of doing it. An elderly person would savor each step on the stairs, consciously or maybe only subconsciously understands that everything needs proper foundation and attention.

It means that you have the choice of skipping however, you have to come back to the missed steps if you want to walk with holding your head high and looking down on your achievements without feeling dizzy. 

I’d like to mention it here that there is a video exercise with the 4 elements meditation on my website that would teach you the basic healing and cleansing ways to keep yourself safe. 

All the wonders!

Written By Zsa Zsa Tudos