Discover the Art of Networking and Self-Love with Dr. Paula Fellingham! 

Join us in an enlightening interview with the illustrious Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder of Win Win Women, and a global beacon of empowerment and peace. Dr. Fellingham, a recipient of awards from three U.S. Presidents, has been a transformative force for women across 195 nations.

🎙️ In this must-watch interview, we explore vital topics:

  • What is Dr. Fellingham’s secret sauce to successful networking?
  • How to rediscover self-love and gratitude during tough times?
  • Strategies to connect meaningfully with others.

And more…


About Dr. Paula Fellingham.

Dr. Paula Fellingham is more than a visionary; she’s a change-maker. With over 35 years of experience, she has co-presented 400+ live events in 152 nations. As an acclaimed author of 8 books and creator of 10 courses, her insights have graced prestigious magazines worldwide.

🌍 Founder of the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative, Dr. Fellingham works tirelessly with Peace Ambassadors to enhance love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.

📚 Paula’s “Total Life Excellence” curriculum, taught globally, is a comprehensive guide to strengthening individuals in all facets of life: mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, and relational.

🏆 Her impact extends to the United Nations, World Movement of Mothers in Paris, World Congress on Families in Geneva, and numerous other global platforms.

📻 As a former radio personality and national board member of various organizations, Dr. Fellingham’s expertise in family and women’s issues is unparalleled.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Paula, alongside her husband Dr. Gilbert Fellingham, is a proud parent and grandparent, bringing a personal touch to her professional achievements.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights from Dr. Paula Fellingham!

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