Empowerment and Growth: Today’s Inspiring Lineup on the Win Win Women Network

Discover Today's Empowering Shows on the Win Win Women Network

Today on the Win Win Women Network, you will be treated to a diverse array of Show topics designed to educate, elevate, and empower viewers. This Thursday’s lineup is a testament to the Win Win Women Network’s commitment to addressing a wide range of topics that resonate with women worldwide

Shifting Perspectives and Interactive Coaching

Starting the day, dive into “Empowered by Trauma,” a series from Cheryl Greenfield that focuses on aiding clients to shift their perspective. This enables them to design a future where they’re not only surviving but thriving with unparalleled vibrancy. While trauma might paint a chapter of one’s story, Cheryl emphasizes that it doesn’t have to dictate the entire narrative.

For those seeking growth and guidance, “New York’s Divine Channel Camille Conti: You Can Do It All” offers a deep dive into how you can have it all. A Divine Success, Leadership, Health & Beauty, Personal & Business Development Interactive TV Show. Featuring Dear Camille” FREE LIVE READINGS, HEALINGS, AND COACHING for the second half of our interactive show to heal your life!

  • Personal & Business Development to Guide You to Unleash Your Fully Empowered Self & Happy Life! 
  • Inside Outside, Head-to-Toe Healing & Transformation.
  • Interviews with Movers & Shakers, Entrepreneurs, and Camille’s VIP Guests.

From Foster Care to Inspiration: BuzzardsKorner of Love TV's Journey

BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE” is perfect for those seeking advice on how to have peace of mind, inner joy, good health, abundance through spiritual principles and their application. Our Show Host, Heather Buzzard, exemplifies how life is a journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and countless opportunities for growth and transformation.

Growing up as an adopted child in the foster care system, Heather Buzzard, the founder of BuzzardsKorner of Love faced numerous challenges and obstacles. But she never let her circumstances define her. Instead, she made a commitment to herself, embracing the power of love and determination. Her story is a testament to the fact that your circumstances don’t determine who you are or what you can achieve.

An Empowering Mission

“BuzzardsKorner of Love” Show’s mission is to spread hope and encouragement to all, especially to those who have experienced similar hardships. Through sharing personal stories and life experiences, the platform showcases the incredible impact of applying spiritual principles to one’s life.

By embracing spiritual principles and putting them into practice, you can find peace of mind, inner joy, good health, abundance, and so much more. The founder’s journey serves as a living example of how these principles can transform even the most challenging of circumstances.

“BuzzardsKorner of Love” is a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the power of the human spirit. It reminds us all that with commitment, willingness, and love for oneself, we can overcome adversity and become the best version of ourselves.

So, if you’re in need of inspiration, encouragement, or a reminder of the potential within you, tune in to “BuzzardsKorner of Love” every Thursday at 9 am PST. Let it be a source of motivation on your own journey of personal growth and transformation. 

Remember, you have the power to become all that you came here to be, regardless of your circumstances.

Relationship & Money Matters

Win Win Women Show Host, Terri Crosby, presents “Intimate Relationships: What if Nobody’s Wrong?”. This show covers important aspects of being in a relationship with another human being, and we’ll do it with honesty, directness, a light heart, and a sense of humor. Terri is an author and speaker, and has also coached individuals and couples about relationships for the last 40 years.

In “A Different Kind of Doula – All You Need to Know About End-of-Life“, Colleen Hewes, Kathleen Putnam, and Maureen Kures”, with their a collective 80+ years of experience in the healthcare industry working with disease, suffering, and patient care including death and dying, offer sensitive guidance for caregivers. They are End of life doula educators, mentors, and practitioners companioning folks through life and end-of-life. They educate, prepare, and participate in their client’s end-of-life experience, bringing compassion and expertise at this most sacred time of life.

Empowered Through Money Education

From relationships to money, the Win Win Women Network has solutions for you. Show Host, Linda Pringle Evans presents “The WomeNomic$ Show” designed to inspire, motivate and equip more women entrepreneurs to become financially secure. This show is your guide for empowering women’s economic growth and sustainability. Learn what it takes to become unapologetic for building wealth and inter-generational wealth.

Continuing the theme of Money Matters, “RISE TO YOUR MONEY POWER” is a new and unique Show from Pamela Plick, where she has honest conversations with viewers and audience members about money. Through these conversations  you will gain insight, receive educational resources and inspiration to move from confusion to confidence, from feeling stuck to taking inspired action towards building wealth from the inside out.


Each of these Shows reflects the Win Win Women Network’s dedication to providing content that empowers, enlightens, and entertains. Whether it’s through nurturing family bonds, embarking on a spiritual journey, embracing life with grace, or understanding and valuing sensitivity, the network offers something for every woman who wants to grow and thrive!

We believe in you!

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