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"A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."

Growth and Development

Embrace the spirit of transformation this Tuesday! Our focus today is on empowerment, leadership and self-improvement. There’s a Win Win Show for everyone today! From a private practice owner helping others avoid burnout to inspiring stories of rebuilding relationships, we’re here to support your journey towards becoming your best self. Click here to see today’s full lineup, and let’s transform together!

Morning Motivation

You can learn about how to “Live with F.A.V.O.R”. This Show helps business owners gain the knowledge and confidence to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Today we feature Lisa Mosbey and her genius of listening and finding simple solutions for life and business. 


This morning at 7am PT, Liz Bull hosted the “Limit FREE Living” Show, and discussed how to stop self sabotage and procrastination, overcome fears, break through old beliefs, deal with old trauma, and more. She talked about visualization techniques, motivational mindset tools, confidence practices, getting better sleep, stress relief, identifying and removing blocks to losing weight. Each show features Liz’s energy clearing and/or meditation after the topic discussion. If you missed Liz’ Show this morning, you can always watch it “on demand” – any time!


Davia Shepherd’s Show is always at 8am PT. It’s the “Grow Your Business Smarter: Live Your Optimal Life Show”, where she gathers the best experts in the field who focus on business growth and personal development. They share their expertise with fun, humor and authenticity. Davia says, “You CAN live your best entrepreneurial life. You get to choose.”


Get your “BREAKTHROUGH Today with Michelle Rene” is always on at 9am PT. Consider this a fast track to healing where you can find practical solutions to life’s everyday problems, improve your relational satisfaction and live a more abundant and joy-filled life. Knowledge is power but wisdom is knowledge applied and BREAKTHROUGH. Michelle helps you not only figure out what to do, but how to do it! 🙂


At 10am PT, join Dr. Helen Holton, for Dr. Helen speaks…Strengths, Resilience & Leadership” where you can discover how to unlock and leverage your strengths, manage your weaknesses, and build resilience to become a better version of your most authentic self. As a result, you’ll increase your performance, productivity, and prosperity.

The mother-daughter relationship affects all areas of our lives – personal and professional. At 11am PT, Dr. Janice Fortman hosts “The Mother Daughter Enterprise Journey-Part 1″. This Show offers assistance, solutions, tools, and techniques to having a more pleasant, loving, and harmonious relationship between adult daughters and their mothers.

Midday Shows

Live Shows on Entrepreneurial Development

At noon PT, Cara Jean Wilson shares “The CARA Method“. The CARA Method Leadership is all about EMPOWERING leaders in this new normal. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller. Each Show is packed with fun and interactive activities that keep you engaged and energized, so you can start implementing the things you learn right away. Although we can’t change the world in just an hour, we CAN get started!


Private practice owners, don’t miss “Provider’s Edge” with Sabrina Runbeck at 2pm PT. Get ready to rewrite the rules for your practice so you can have more time off and enjoy more income while delivering better patient care.


Our own Ly Smith empowers possibilities so you can create success with fulfillment at 2pt PT today. Join her live Show “UpCycle Your Life”. Ly teaches how to boost your self-talk, understand the power of NOW, and optimize your best habits.


At 3pm PT, take a thought-provoking journey into the world of iridology with Laura Schwalm on “ReWired TV“, where ancient wisdom meets modern healthcare, and the eyes truly become the windows to the soul. Tune in for an enlightening discussion that will inspire you to see health and healing in a whole new light.

Evening Reflections –Treasures & Blessings

Wind down your day with an evening of reflection. The “Treasures & Blessings” session, led by expert Tina Boson, is designed to help you identify the TREASURE you are within and how you are blessed to be a blessing to others through HIS divine purpose for your life by applying faith and spiritual principles. We must remember that GOD has already put within us what HE desires to get out of us to give him glory.

Finish your day by focusing on YOU, with the “Live Love Move Your Body and Life” Show with Teresa D’Angelo. Live Love Move Your Body and Life is about YOU – living joyfully, loving passionately, and moving soulfully – no matter your age and physical ability. Moving your body with awareness can move emotions and thoughts.  Gentle, therapeutic dance movement is a way to tap into your own healing ability to help relieve pain and tension and experience more joy!


Transformation Tuesday will move you towards embracing change and personal development. Whether through inspiration, education, or reflection, all of us at the  Win Win Women Network are ready to guide and help you on your personal path to transformation.


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